Aqua Convention

What does the aqua convention include?


Aqua Convention, as well as usual convention, consists of a series of master classes, workshops and seminars. The only difference is that the practical part of study is held in water. These events are for both professionals and amateurs.

Aqua fitness trainers will get acquainted with new ideas, learn more about the direction at workshops of international presenters, authoritative domestic trainers.

Such versions of training sessions imply deep immersion in a narrow theme, practical study of new skills, and active exchange of experience between participants. The workshop’s facilitator is a presenter, who is an expert in a specific field. He presents theoretical material, sometimes offers some tasks to perform and comments on them.

You can meet newcomers at workshops, but more frequently, coaches come here to increase their expertise.

Aqua fitness master classes are group classes in water with musical accompaniment, performed in the form of trainings. Participants do not have the opportunity to ask questions and communicate with the presenter, but they get an insight into the direction, fresh ideas and a lot of pleasant impressions.

Sometimes convention includes seminars on aqua fitness. They may concern organization of an aqua fitness trainer, human physiology and anatomy, and other important related topics.


Aqua Convention may include:

  •   Aerobic classes;
  •   Power classes;
  •   Aqua Pilates;
  •   Tae bo in water;
  •       Aquaman (power class for men);
  •       Aqua fitness for pregnant women.

What do you get?

At aqua convention workshops you will get the latest knowledge from foreign and domestic instructors, enrich your own experience, exchange it with other coaches. Most importantly, you will be able to use new knowledge in practice immediately.

Master classes will bring you inspiration, fill you with positive emotions and ideas for your lessons. You will have the opportunity to follow the instructor and learn how to continuously maintain the work of a group, while preserving the wave of positive.

Whichever format you choose master classes, workshops, or both, bright emotions are guaranteed