Carlos Ramírez Barrionuevo

Carlos Ramírez Barrionuevo


Born in Málaga, at the age of 17 he started teaching choreographic fitness classes and dancing in different latin shows and dance shows. The fusion of these elements gives his classes a unique style and personality. After earning an award in Zaragoza Fit Convention 2005 he has become one of the references in fitness industry presenting in more than 25 countries along Europe, Africa and Asia. 

  • Qualified in physical education, teaching profession in Málaga University; 
  • International Presenter: Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, The Nederland, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Germany, France, Israel, Morocco, Senegal, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Belgium, Tunis, Poland, Austria, Rumania, Switzerland, Denmark;
  • Educated in the Romana’s Pilates Method at Contrology Club Barcelona, directed by Javier Perez Pont. 
  • Ex-member of the “Fusion Sur” dancing company. 
  • Competitor in National Latin Dancing. 
  • Best Step Instructor in Zaragoza Fit Convention 2005. 
  • Trainer for Fitnessschool TV (
  • Trainer for Virtual Training Concept (

Trainer for Motion System (