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Workshop “Fitball. Using Swiss Ball in Pilates and Other Fitness” (3 hours)
08 February

10:00 - 13:00
Yulia Zhdanyuk

Yulia Zhdanyuk


Workshop “Fitball. Use of Swiss ball in Pilates and other fitness directions” (Julia Zhdanyuk, Ukraine. 3 hours)

The Swiss ball is a universal fitness equipment. Today, trainings with fitball are so popular and effective that you can find them in almost any club or house. 

Whether you teach Pilates, Yoga, Fitness or just actively practise sports, you always have an advantage if you know secrets of ball practice!

The ball is simple like everything genius.

It is applicable in different programs, in trainings for people of different age categories and levels of training. Fitball has almost no contraindications for use.

The success of fitball therapy has led to the fact that it has become very actively used not only in medicine, but also in sports.

The result of ball practice is:

  • Strengthening muscles of back and spine;
  • Improved posture;
  • Better coordination of movements as a result of balance training;
  • Strengthening of abdominal muscles and, as a consequence, improvement of digestion, waist correction;
  • Relieving fatigue and stress;
  • Ability to adapt training for pregnant women;
  • Bringing a playful element into training, which is undoubtedly important in activities with children;
  • Adaptation of training for elderly, and so on.

A workshop will allow you to expand your skills in working with the ball, will open up new facets of mastering your body. 

At the workshop we will consider modern use of fitball, which is absolutely harmoniously integrated into different types and directions of fitness, as well as possibility of modifying various exercises and adapting them to specific tasks and problems.

This will help you to make your training interesting, even more effective and safe!

The cost of attending the Workshops is UAH