Presenters Contest

Presenters Contest and its objectives

A contest of young fitness instructors of various fields is held as a part of ProFit Convention. The purpose of this contest is to give them a chance to assess their potential and abilities as a presenter. The most talented people will have a chance to get to the big stage. Any coach of group programs who feels strong enough to perform on a stage in front of a large audience and who has been pre-selected, based on the provided video can participate in the contest.

Participation rules

Competition starts with a selection, two months before the start of the convention. Participants are requested to provide organizers with a video recording of their class. Prequalified participants will have an opportunity to hold a master class at a competition during the convention.


Selection criteria:

  •       Class-leading technique;
  •       Logic of a training session;
  •       Compliance with the format and style of a class;
  •       Basic movement technique;
  •       Accuracy of voice and visual commands;
  •       Ability to use musical accompaniment;
  •       Appearance;
  •       Self-presentation;
  •       Ability to work with the audience;
  •       Ability to create a positive atmosphere, bring positive emotions to participants.


Basic rules for a good presentation

Many inexperienced presenters are unable to reveal their talent to the fullest, by making typical mistakes during the performance. Specialists recommend following these rules of presentation:

  1.     Do not try to show everything you can at once. Chaos and a bunch of different skills, “tricks” will work against you.
  2.     Feel the group, work for the audience. You need to be sensitive to how the audience responds to your actions on stage, monitor changes in their mood and adjust to them in time.
  3.     Stick to the same style. Presentation on the stage must be complete. Harmoniously combine your movements, image and music. As soon as something falls out of general approach, performance will look incomplete.
  4.     Do not be afraid of mistakes! Even experienced presenters can make them. However, they know how to turn them in their favor, gaining experience and continuing to grow. Try yourself, get new experience and become a popular presenter!

What will participants get

Results of a competition determine the winner and participants who took the second and third place. Each of them will be awarded with a certificate and a cup.

The winner gets an opportunity to present his master class at the next convention as a fitness representative in Ukraine. This is the first step to international fame! Convention invites authoritative international presenters to judge. For young instructors, participation in the competition is an opportunity to show themselves and make themselves popular in the international fitness community.