Master classes

Fitness master classes: joining energy


Master classes at the ProFit Convention are 50-minute presentations, taking place one after the other with a short break.

In fact, master classes are group trainings conducted by the best Ukrainian and European coaches. Such presentations represent juicy oncentration of new ideas, performances and style. In some classes, for example, you can try out new equipment, in others you can work out and videotape ligaments, combinations, movements and exercises.


What kind of master classes are held at the convention? Briefly, about each ProFit Convention zone

For several years now, we have been organizing the site and schedule in such way that every specialist or fitness-fan can find something interesting.


  1. The program of the main stage (-s) traditionally includes:
  •       Choreographic classes (aerobics, step aerobics, port de bras and others);
  •       Functional classes (group training with own weight).
  1. There is also a separate zone – “Functional zone + TRX”, which is usually smaller. There are also classes with different equipment and sports equipment (bosu, weights, TRX, Coreviper, etc.).
  2. Pilates Hall: The name speaks for itself. This is a separate spacious and bright room. As a rule, pilates-program takes place on one of the days and is held simultaneously with other classes.
  3. Spinning zone for pedal-lovers. Master classes for cycling coaches and instructors are conducted simultaneously with others.

In addition, if the Aqua Convention is being held as part of the ProFit Convention, it also includes a series of different training sessions. Important: pay attention to location of the Aqua Convention: as usual, it is taking place in another location.

What do you get?

  •       certificate* of participation in the convention;
  •       motivation charge and new ideas for training: ligaments, combinations, movements, exercises;
  •   useful and inspiring acquaintances.


*The certificate of participation does not specify any particular master class, because, unfortunately, we can not confirm which classes you attended.