What is a preforum?

Preforum is a number of lectures on the most topical issues of fitness industry that precedes the main part of the convention. Information is provided by experts in their field who have considerable practical experience. Therefore, each participant receives relevant knowledge and cases, which work in modern conditions of Ukrainian and worldwide fitness industry market.

First of all, fitness preforum is interesting for fitness club coaches, fitness managers and freelance coaches. There are program topics that are relevant in promotion of clubs. There is also a lot of useful information for coaches who want to increase their personal training sales, improve their image of a competent coach and perhaps open their own studio in future.

Topics of cover the following issues:


  •       How to promote your personal brand;
  •       How to attract and retain customers;
  •       How to sell your services and get the most from them.


Experienced specialists engaged in participation will reveal this and much more.

How the event goes

Each speaker gives a lecture on a declared topic, which refers to his industry. At the end of his speech, he will have a live question-and-answer session. Participants can not only ask questions, but also discuss situations from their practice, receive expert advice from a professional. Speakers frequently give practical tasks, results of which are discussed immediately during the seminar.

The lecture is usually an hour and a half. An additional half hour is provided for participants’ questions and intensive discussions.

What will you get

Seminars and workshops of the preforum are focused trainings of necessary skills that every coach who wants to succeed should possess. Lectures will help to form a manager’s worldview, provide insight into how to further develop fitness business or promote yourself as a trainer.

Such events are a great opportunity to expand your base of useful acquaintances.

At the end of the preforum, participants receive a certificate and lecture materials.