Workshop + MC

What’s a workshop?

Workshop is a narrowly focused training event. It can be attended by people with different levels of immersion in the topic: from beginners to those who already have personal practical experience in this area.

Workshop facilitator presents the topic and sometimes challenges participants, giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. Balance between practice and theory depends on the direction, theme, and facilitator’s approach to the presentation. In any case, presenter guides the work of the group.

Duration of fitness workshop at the ProFit Convention is at least two hours.

What’s a master class?

Fitness master classes are introductory classes in a specific fitness area. Master class presenter is a specialist in the area covered by the event. He shares his “tricks”, his interpretation of exercises only via demonstration.

This is actually an open group training session where participants repeat the program they have been offered without the possibility to ask questions or communicate with the trainer. This is a more intensive format compared to a workshop. The only request to participants is to do the exercises as well as possible getting maximum of their ability.

Such an event lasts for 50 minutes at the ProFit Convention.

What do you get out of attending workshop or master class?

Attending fitness workshops you gain new knowledge, update your own experience, expand your understanding of a particular direction. Thanks to the deep immersion you will increase your expertise. If you have just started to master a new direction for yourself, you can consider how promising it will be for you, whether it is worthwhile to try yourself further in it.

Master classes are an emotional component of conventions. Even a fitness beginner will get a lot of positive impressions and inspiration for further development and training. Trainers will be able to find new ideas and combinations for their classes at such events. And the most important thing is that everyone will have an opportunity to train and get a powerful energy charge from cool presenters.