What’s a workshop?

Fitness workshops is the best way to get to know the direction, a separate topic under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Workshop at the ProFit Convention is a training event dedicated to a specific area of fitness, one of its aspects, or issues arising during work with clients. The engagement of participants is a hallmark of this format.

The facilitator reveals the topic, and sometimes formulate tasks and questions to the audience. In search of solutions, participants consolidate new skills on practice, relate them to the knowledge they already have on the topic. This form of communication helps not only to learn new things from an experienced presenter, but also to exchange relevant knowledge with other trainers. However, understanding the direction is not a mandatory condition to take part in the workshop. People who are not familiar with direction of knowledge: trainers and fitness enthusiasts can also attend workshop to expand their horizon of knowledge.

Such events last at least two hours at the ProFit Convention.


Why should one attend workshops?

Workshop is an opportunity to get a general understanding of the topic or fitness direction in a brief period of time. Training instructor can refresh his knowledge with a fitness guru and then compare it with his colleagues’ experience. He will find solutions to complicated questions that appear in training sessions, and receive advice from international level instructors here.

Workshop can help a general amateur to expand understanding of fitness and a specific direction, to look at the coach’s work from a different angle. Each participant of the meeting has an opportunity to correlate his knowledge and experience with the level of others, to understand in which direction he should develop.

Meetings led by foreign presenters is a unique chance to find out about world fitness trends, get fresh ideas and learn new skills without leaving the country. Don’t worry about the language barrier! Interpreters who are trainers themselves accompany all events with participation of foreign presenters. All information is passed from hand to hand in its original form.


What do you get from a workshop?

  •       Participant’s certificate specifying the name of the workshop, as well as presenter’s name and signature;
  •       Latest knowledge in the field of fitness;
  •       New ideas for training: combinations, ligaments, exercises, movements;
  •       Useful acquaintances;
  •       Inspiration and motivation for further development.


ProFit Convention invites the best international presenters to ensure that you get only the right, current information.